The Best Android Apps for 2022

Dec 30, 2020

1Weather is about as complete of a weather app as you can find. It comes with all kinds of stuff, including current conditions, forecasts, radar, predictions, fun facts about meteorology, graphs, and even a sun and moon tracker. The design is gorgeous as well and the app includes fairly decent and somewhat configurable widgets. You can compare transit options in real time to see which one is the fastest and save places for future trips.

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Of course, we have a list of the best Android launchers with even more options as well. We also have a tutorial specifically for Nova Launcher if you want to learn more. There are others, but LastPass seems to be one step ahead most of the time. Additionally, the premium version is reasonably inexpensive.

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If you are utterly bored and want something to just distract you from the monotony, then Particles Flow could be a great addition to your Android smartphone. This app will display 50,000 small particles on your screen which are attracted to 5 points you can choose and move with your fingers. You can adjust the settings and even set Particles Flow as a live wallpaper. Doublicat is a fun little deep fake app that allows you to superimpose your face on gifs and memes.

After that, the app will periodically notify you to ask you some questions about where you go, what you do, and about Google products you use. You’ll get credit for use in the Google Play Store every time you answer a survey. That credit can go toward buying yourself apps or games in Google Play. It’s a simple keyboard that doesn’t have too many frills. It does have gesture typing , light theming, voice typing, emoji search, GIF support, and more. Its most unique feature is the built-in Google search that lets you search the web without leaving the keyboard or app that you’re in.

  • First of all, let’s define “must-have.” There are plenty of must-have apps you’ve probably already downloaded because you’re aware of their benefits.
  • Just watch the Jungle Book and see who’s really in charge of the march.
  • It’s a third-party app that will help you find the lyrics to any song or music you want.
  • Most people should be relatively familiar with most of these apps.
  • Despite some controversy in some areas over hotel laws, we’ve had nothing but good experiences, clean rooms, and friendly hosts via Airbnb.
  • If you want more than the mainstream or want to upload your own music, you can’t ignore SoundCloud.

There is also a video element with two or three-minute weather updates for your region. The UI is logical and reasonably easy to navigate as well. The radar occasionally hangs while loading, but it’s usually not too big of a deal. The app constantly checks for new episodes, so you always have access to the latest from your favorite shows, with automatic downloading and custom filters to keep them organized. You can also personalize your listening experience with powerful features, including an up next option, a silence trimmer, chapters, playback skipper, and more. People often forget that there’s more than one way to find webpages, directions, videos, and photos on the Internet.

Beware of This Malicious Android App That Can Steal Your Data!

This service makes it easy to manage invites, RSVPs, and even ticket purchasing. Attendees get handy reminders about the events they planned to attend, organizers can see guest lists. We particularly like that Eventbrite can generate QR codes, making event check-in a breeze. Airbnb should be your go-to app for finding rooms, apartments, homes, and other unique accommodations when traveling, if you don’t want to go with a traditional hotel. The length of your stay need not be short-term either; some locations let you book a stay for several months, which may appeal to people working temporary jobs in new places. Thistravel appalso highlights other experiences and restaurants, so you can find out about everything a locale offers.

Still, VSCO is another worth trying if picture-perfect social sharing is something you really dig. It’s designed to help creators reach their fullest creative potential. Requires a full subscription to access its full features, though it’s reasonably priced. Search for deals and coupons at popular retailers in your area and use the handy shopping list feature to keep track of what you need.

cool phone apps

The ASL App is a free iPhone app specifically made for learning American Sign Language, and it’s a welcome introduction. It uses videos to teach you the alphabet, various useful words and phrases, and the required gestures. The free version covers the basics, and in-app purchases add advanced material in 99-cent packs.

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Is an app designed to instantly transform a photo into a sketch-based work of art. And, yes, we’ve seen this all before – but few filter apps catch the eye in quite the same way as Inkwork. The iPhone incarnation of Pixelmator loses none of the functionality of its iPad sibling. Sure, it’s comparatively cramped, due to the iPhone’s smaller display.

This app lets you do everything from jotting down quick notes and drawing sketches to writing in-depth essays and creating image-based notes. User-generated applets save you from having to create your own. There are other great music apps here, but the top slot arguably Poweramp’s title to lose. Poweramp also has an equalizer app if you want a better equalizer app. Most people should be relatively familiar with most of these apps.

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GameSir X3 Type-C Mobile Game Controller Review: Cool Combo for Android Phones.

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The App Store hosts more than 2 million titles, so it’s tough choosing which ones to install on your iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, or other Apple handset. We help you decide with nearly 100 app picks in 12 key categories. It’s been a couple years since Donald Trump was elected as the President of the United States but the debate around the Mexico border is still pretty heated up. To prevent the iPad/iPhone from powering down, make sure to attach the power cord and keep the device charging.

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Set the date and time you want for your reminder, and you’re finished. You also have the option to create a reminder by copying a selection of text, which can come in handy when your reminder is based on a longer message or paragraph of information. Many timer settings and the ability to safelist some apps. Firefox, the open-source browser, has come to iPhone, and it’s a very worthy download indeed. Its tab layout is much clearer than Safari’s, and it lets you sync your favorites and more with desktop Firefox, the PCMag Editors’ Choice browser. Reading View clears away those annoying mobile ads, and Reading List saves articles for later, when you have time.

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It’s so trusted that messaging apps from Facebook and Google use it for their secure messaging options. One recent study named it the fastest growing outdoor recreational activity. Paramount for birders is being able to identify the species they’re seeing and hearing, and the iBird Pro app lets them do just that.

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If you live in or are visiting any of GrubHub’s 1,100-plus covered towns in the US , you can have tasty local food delivered directly to your doorstop with the GrubHub iPhone app. After merging with competitor Seamless the service now offers a choice of over 45,000 takeout cool phone apps restaurants. We love how it texts you to tell you when your food will arrive, lets you tip inside the app, and lets you tell restaurants to save the earth and spare the plastic utensils. Television watching is a lifestyle choice that’s indulged by more than a few.

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The app includes numerous customization options that you won’t find with the stock messaging app, including custom contact colors, text bubble styles, and notification icons. Additionally, you get extra features such as text scheduling, the ability to blacklist contacts, and the option to rename group conversations. With Snapchat, you quickly snap and exchange photos with one or several friends.

Featuring a bot store boasting more than 6,000 bots, Kik beat Facebook Messenger and Skype to the punch in the field of artificial conversationalists. Group chat, photo and video sharing, and gaming add to this youth-focused app’s appeal. With the Yahoo Sports app, you canwatch live NFL gamesin your area as well as primetime matchups at no cost. The app is also useful for keeping up with the scores and highlights from other national sports leagues. A well-designed layout and solid performance in testing make it a worthwhile download. Although a weather app’s primary function is to give an accurate forecast, the presentation of that data is also important.

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We say ruining, but we put X Pro II on just about everything. You can follow specific interests as well as people, making it a great place to gather inspiration for projects, holidays, or just about anything. If you’re not the type to take lots of pictures you don’t need to feel pressured to share — just lurk on the homepage and enjoy shots from those you follow. Keeping your brain healthy is as important as keeping your body healthy, so carving out some time in your personal fitness routine for your mind is worthwhile.

If someone tags you in a photo on Facebook, you can have it automatically uploaded to your Momento app. In addition to social media, you can add photos and videos, tag people and places you visit, add keyword entries with tags, and create private notes. There’s local and iCloud backup, so you don’t ever have to worry about losing your entries.

The Transit app shows mass transit options—including buses, ferries, and trains—and the estimated time of arrival in 87 cities in North American, Europe, and Australia. Here in New York, it even tells you how many bikes are parked at localCiti Bikestands. This app keeps you in the know no matter where your travels take you. As far aspassword managersgo, Bitwarden checks all the right boxes. For instance, it supports two-factor authentication and secure password sharing.

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This “sports-first, but not sports-only” service offers extensive live sports and entertainment content for all your devices. Whether you want to watch NFL games on Sunday, catch up an MLB game that aired during the day, or even stream a movie on-demand, fuboTV has you covered. FuboTV also offers excellent DVR capabilities and other features for watching events and shows you may have otherwise missed.

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